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Sherry G. Deeb
B.S. SLP/Audiology
Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist
Family Hearing Care Centers

Dear Sherry,

I wish to express my most sincere thanks for the superb, professional services you have rendered in helping me to adjust to my hearing impairment. My Siemens Pure 501 hearing aids perform beautifully, even in the presence of a variety of background noises (e.g., restaurants, in the car, group conversation, etc.). Furthermore, the hearing aids are comfortable to wear and very inconspicuous.

I must also tell you that my wife, too, is grateful for the considerable improvement in my ability to engage in casual conversations at home as well as when we are out and about. That has made life less stressful for both of us.

Again, thank you for the interest and professionalism you have demonsrated in selectilng and adjusting my Siemen hearing aids and for the post-delivery care I am receiving. While the Siemens Pure 501 is an incredible instrument, its full potential could not be realized without the excellent and knowledgable care you provide.

Very best regards,

Dr. Walter W. W

I bought a set of hearing aids from another company a while back and was very dissatisfied.  They never gave good service and the aids always squealed and slipped backward in my ear.  

I read an ad about Family Hearing Care Centers and made an appointment.  A lady before me came out of the examination room and told her husband she had little hearing loss, but not enough to need hearing aids.  I was really impressed upon hearing that.  

My turn came up and I was given the most complete hearing test I had ever had.  Suggestions were made what might be best for my hearing loss and never once was I pressured into buying, only treated in a most professional manner.  After buying, I was given several checkups to be sure they were in good working order for me, and then I was satisfied with my purchase.  

The staff at Family Hearing Care Centers is second to none, only the very best there is.  My wish is if you have a hearing loss, give Family Hearing Care Center a try and become as blessed as I was.  I am very satisfied and looking forward to excellent care in the future.

Elmer T Quinn Jr.

As an Estate Planning Attorney it is critical for me to hear my clients clearly and accurately the very first time. With SHERRY DEEB’s training and expertise as a licensed hearing aid specialist and Siemens 120 year history of making the best hearing aids, I can rely on and recommend this winning combination to meet my needs and yours with complete confidence and satisfaction.  

A friend of mine recently became so withdrawn from people that I wondered if he was in the early stages of Alzheimers, but since SHERRY helped him with his hearing, he has blossomed into a new man. This Process really WORKS.  

Bob Bersch August 17, 2011